National Seminar on Human Rights Abuse on Elderly People - July 8-9, 2010, STC Pollachi
HR Abuse on Elderly - presentation

National Seminar
org Committee

Dr Janetius

Presentation Schedule
(updated on July 7, Wednesday)

July 8, 2010 Thursday Afternoon 3 00 pm to 5 00 pm


First Session

Venue: Main Seminar Hall            

Chairperson - Dr V. Murugesh


Dr. K. Dhamodharan, Honorary Coordinator, SHAIATS –Deemed University, Neyveli.  A Study on the problems of retired persons     


Ms. A. Kavitha, Student MSW STC Pollachi. The contributing factors for non-retirement life among rural population


Prof K.R. Karthikeyan  &  Prof A.M Sivasamy, Principal, Pioneer College of Arts and Science

Coimbatore. Misunderstanding between the young and the aged at homes, work places and society


Mr. Tribhuvan Nath & Ms. Bushara Bano, PhD Scholar, Aligarh Muslim University. Strategic alliances and social networking for prevention of elder abuse: A policy framework for India 

Mr. A.P. Senthil kumar, Senior Scale Lecturer, CMS College, Coimbatore. Challenges of ageing in a urban context and possible social work interventions

Mr. D. Ravi Shankar, HOD MSW, STC Pollachi. A study on the incidents of Abuses that lead people to institutional care


July 8, 2010 Thursday Afternoon3 00 pm to 5 00 pm

Second Session

Venue: New Seminar Hall                   

Chairperson – Prof. R. Padmanabhan


Dr. S. Prabudass, Director, Human Welfare and Development Trust Coimbatore. Economic and social despair among elderly people

Ms. C. Anbukarasi, Ms .R. Selvakandtha & Mr. A. Aravind, Student, STC Pollachi. A study on the perception of college students on elder abuse in the families

Mr. C. K.  Kotravel Bharathi, HOD MBA, STC Pollachi. “Startling facts and the torrents of abuse: does the health/wealth influence?” – A quantitative analysis

Dr. P. Vyasamoorthy, Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad. Current scenario of networking of aged care organizations in India

Ms. G. Anbuselvi, Assistant Professor MSW, STC Pollachi. Psycho – emotional problem of elders at Care-homes – a case study

Dr. K. Nagaraju, Assistant Professor, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. Generation gap: Youth’s attitude towards the aged



July 8, 2010 Thursday Afternoon 3 00 pm to 5 00 pm


Third Session

Venue: Sports Block Hall                   

Chairperson – Dr.R. Thiyagu


Mr. M. Arulappan, PhD scholar, Pondicherry. Modernization and the cultural transition in India: the elders as victims

Ms. Thanuja Thomas, PhD Scholar, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College, Coimbatore. Abuse faced by elderly in families: a micro study at unpaid homes


Mr. Babu Varghese, Project Officer, (ARDSI) Cochin. Special needs for Dementia

Ms. Shoby Bovas, Assistant Professor STC, Pollachi. A Study on the issues related to care taking in the families

Ms. R. Renuka Devi & Ms. E. Saradha, Student, STC Pollachi. A comparative study of elders and abuses at family and care centre

Mr. B. Sutharsan & R. Ms.R. Sandhya, Student, STC Pollachi. The condition of elderly people of social places – a case study of three bus stations



July 9, 2010 Friday Morning11 00 am to 12 30 pm


Session Four

Venue: New Seminar Hall                   

Chairperson – Dr. S. Mani


Dr. S. Segar, Madras Christian College, Chennai. Changing society and the elderly people: identifying reasons for mushrooming aged homes in India


Dr. Mini T.C, HOD Department of Operations Research & Computer Applications, MES College, Idukki. Old people’s perceptive of managing old age

Mr. Sailesh Mishra, Founder President - Silver Inning Foundation and Founder Secretary – ARDSI Greater Mumbai Chapter.  Networking of NGOs for ageing and human rights

Mr. Rajeev Nambiar, Senior Lecturer, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, Kollam. Elder abuse in post disaster context

Ms. R. Ransom Ruth Hepzibah &  Dr. V. Darling Selvi, Associate Professor, Rani Anna Govt Arts College for Women, Tirunelveli. Financial abuse of elders




July 9, 2010 Friday Morning11 00 am to 12 30 pm


Session Five

Venue: Main Seminar Hall              

Chairperson – Dr. S.  Kadirvelu


Ms. Meena & Dr. V. Darling Selvi, Associate Professor, Sree Iyappa College for Women, Nagercoil.  Stress management of the elderly people

Dr. Nawal Singh, University of Delhi. The spaces of elderly people in urban Delhi

Ms. Binusha Lily Joie, Student, PSG CAS, Coimbatore. Transition from joint family to nuclear family and elderly concerns

Mr. Sudhir Kumar & Dr. A. Ramachandran, Abuse of elderly people by family members

Ms. Shilpa S.T., Student, NSS, Thrissur.  Adolescents creation of identity in the midst of grandparents – an autoethnographic study


July 9, 2010 Friday Morning11 00 am to 12 30 pm


Session Six

Venue: Sports Block Hall              

Chairperson – Dr. John Sundararaj


Thiru venugopal, STC Pollachi. ¾Á¢ú þÄ츢Âô ÀÃôÀ¢ø Ó¾¢§Â¡÷ ¿¢¨Ä


Thiru Karthikeyan, Rukmaniammal HSS Pollachi. Ó¾¢§Â¡÷ Á£¾¡É ÁÉ¢¾ ¯¡¢¨Á Á£Èø¸û


Thiru Azhaguselvam, Deemed University Gandhigram. Ó¾¢§Â¡÷- Ó¾¢§Â¡÷ þøÄò¾¢üÌî ¦ºøžü¸¡Éì ¸¡Ã½í¸û


Thiru Sivasamy, Bishop Thorp College, Dharapuram, Ó¾¢§Â¡÷ Á£¾¡ÉÁÉ¢¾ ¯¡¢¨Á Á£Èø¸û


Thiru Manivannan Govt. Arts College, Mellur. ´ö× ¸¡Äò¾¢ü¸¡É ¾Â¡¡¢ôÒ¸û

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National Seminar on Human Rights Abuse on Elderly People - July 8-9, 2010, STC Pollachi